Since the mid 1990s, Kamunya Wanjuki has been actively involved in the art scene. His work involves the creation of conceptually based sociopolitical compositions and installations.

Between 2003 and 2005 he began exploring new areas in animation and community art, using his creative skills to pass awareness information on social issues and equipping youth and community groups with life sustaining skills such as leather-work and ceramics. All the while he continued to develop his painting skills, where super-imposition of metal became a prominent feature in his work.

From 2005, Kamunya continued to experiment in this line of work moving in to interior deco and architectural design. Today his conceptual sculptural technique embraces minimal form while exhibiting maximal content and can be seen in various homes and installations for indoor sites as well as outdoors. He also produces eye-catching pieces of art deco that feature romanticised compositions of the Kenyan landscape and culture. These he paints in institutions. It is with this experience that Kamunya took up part time lecturing at the Jomo Kenyatta University’s department of architecture for two years and later moved to the Kenyatta University department of fine art.

Kamunya usually works on several bodies of work concurrently. He creates site-specific art over a unique and fascinating marbling effect that has become a signature of his creative process.
In his fine art paintings Kamunya, works with realistic forms as well as abstract. He uses his colors cleverly to communicate his message, expressing emotions, depth and contrast and to emphasize his ideas in a way that is not only appealing to the viewer but also easily communicable.
He employs mosaic on walls and movable panels and also creates vibrant stained glass pieces.

Kamunya has participated in various art exhibitions both locally and internationally.

Kamunya Wanjuki